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TIP OF THE DAY: Drink Pink (& Red) For Valentine’s Day

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
[1] A favorite sweet treat: the Cosmopolitan. Here’s the recipe (photo courtesy Kitchen Swagger).

Bloody Mary With Peppadew
[2] For savory palates, the Bloody Mary is spot on. Here are recipes (photo courtesy Bonefish Grill).

Sparkling Rose
[3] Pink sparkling: affordable and delicious (photo courtesy Martini & Rossi).


A couple of years ago, we proposed a Valentine’s Day dinner/buffet with all pink and red foods.

This year, we’re taking things easy: just cocktails and light appetizers. And we’re going one step easier:

  • Make pitchers of Cosmopolitans and Bloody Marys in advance
  • Break out the bubbly: bottles of affordable rosé sparkling wines
    You can also offer:

  • Red liqueurs: crème de cassis, passionfruit (Alizé), raspberry (Chambord), red apple schnapps
  • Fruity red wines (Beaujolais, Pinot Noir)
  • Rosé wines
  • Sangria
  • White wine and creme de cassis (which makes a rose-colored Kir, or Kir Royale (with sparkling wine))
    For the alcohol averse:

  • Club soda/mineral water
  • Red/pink juices: blackberry, blood orange, cherry, cranberry, grapefruit, pink lemonade, pomegranate, prickly pear
  • Soft drinks

    We’ve omitted organic rose petals in favor of garnishes that everyone likes to eat.

  • Blood orange wedges
  • Pomegranate arils
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
    Don’t forget the ice!

    If you’re inviting a cohort of friends who ask “What can I bring,” assign them a pink or red appetizer. Here are some ideas:

  • Beet hummus
  • Bruschetta with strawberry-basil or tomato topping
  • Crab cocktail
  • Crudités: red bell peppers, radishes, cherry tomatoes, red Belgian endive, etc., with red pepper dip (you can include some celery, fennel or other pale vegetables for variety
  • Goat cheese log rolled in pink peppercorns
  • Hot dogs in jelly-mustard dip
  • Pink deviled eggs (soak peeled whole eggs in beet juice or food color)
  • Poached shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Salume platter
  • Salmon sushi rolls (maki)
  • Shrimp spread with crackers Shrimp tea sandwiches
  • Smoked salmon or gravlax platter
  • Smoked salmon pinwheels or tea sandwiches
  • Smoked salmon rillettes
  • Strawberry bruschetta (recipe)
  • Taramasalata (Greek caviar dip) with crackers or party breads
  • Tuna sushi and spicy tuna rolls
    You can also assign a Valentine soundtrack to the group’s musicologist.

    Next step: Send out a brief invite.



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