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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: St Pierre Bakery Brioche & Belgian Waffles

Brioche Nutella St Pierre Bakery
[1] Delicious brioche can be eaten plain or with a spread, here Nutella (all photos courtesy St Pierre Bakery).

Chocolate Chip Brioche Roll St Pierre Bakery
[2] A more elegant breakfast pastry: a chocolate chip brioche roll.

Ham Sandwich On Waffle
[3] Individually-wrapped waffles in butter or cinnamon-sugar flavors can be grab-and-go snacks, warmed for breakfast, topped for dessert, or turned into sandwiches like this ham and cheese on a butter waffle.

St Pierre Brioche Rolls
[4] Look for the bright orange swath on the package (photo courtesy St Pierre Bakery).


It’s rare that we go gaga for bakery products from the supermarket; but we have developed quite a fondness for the brioche and breakfast pastries from St Pierre Bakery (they don’t use a period after St).

Brioche (bree-OASH) is light, slightly sweet bread made with eggs, yeast and butter. Richer than a standard loaf of bread, brioche is used as a breakfast bread, for French toast and in combination with luxurious first courses such as foie gras and smoked salmon.

Here’s more about brioche.

Better supermarkets have carried brioche hamburger and hot dog rolls for some time, and loaves of sliced brioche have appeared in the last couple of years: plain, chocolate chip and raisin.

The St Pierre brioche line, from the United Kingdom, has recently begun importing into the U.S., and we’re very happy. We’re a sucker for brioche, breakfast pastry, pain au chocolate and Belgian waffles. Thank goodness that most of the line is individually wrapped, for [in our case] portion control.

Whether to start the day, as a coffee break, or turned into dessert, all of the products are free of GMOs, HFCS and hydrogenated oils. All of the snack or grab-and-go items are individually wrapped.

The line of 20 different products is baked using authentic French and Belgian recipes (not all items are available in any single retailer). One bite and you’re transported away from supermarket toast and coffee shop pastries.

In addition to brioche hamburger, slider and hot dog rolls, there are:

  • Brioche Baguettes (individual)
  • Brioche Loaves, sliced, butter (i.e. plain) and chocolate chip
  • Brioche Rolls (oblong), plain or chocolate chip
  • Brioche Swirls, round pastries with crème pâtissière custard or chocolate chip
  • Brioche To Share, vanilla brioche with crème pâtissière custard filling or chocolate chips
  • Belgian Waffles with cinnamon
  • Brioche Waffles with butter or chocolate chips
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Filled Crepes
  • Mini Croissants, butter or chocolate chips

    We didn’t try the whole line, but liked everything we tried, and will definitely buy them again and again.

    If we had to make one choice, we admit: We became hooked on the Belgian Waffles.

    Baked in Belgium, the batter includes the traditional pearl sugar that is caramelized during baking to provide a sweet crunch in every bite. They’re:

  • A quick breakfast pastry, warm or room temperature.
  • A yummy coffee break snack.
  • An easy dessert topped with ice cream and fruit.
  • A great base for “build your own waffle” party with the works.

    There’s a store locator on the company website.

    Yes, we’ve created a photo glossary off all the different waffle types.

    How old do you think they are? And who invented the waffle iron?



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