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FOOD FUN: The World’s Largest French Fry?

For National French Fry Day, July 13th, treat yourself to the largest French fry we’ve ever seen.

Created at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House in New York City, you’ll need a fork and knife—unless you want to eat it caveman-style.

Each fry (photo #1) is the size of one whole Idaho russet potato (photo #2) and weighs 12-16 ounces.

Michael Jordan’s executive chef, Cenobio Canalizo, mastered the preparation of huge, crispy-yet-tender fries with a multi-step process.

Next time you’re near Grand Central Terminal in New York City, head over and try them out yourself. An order of 3 is $19.99.

And…you don’t have to sit down for the whole dinner. You can order the fries at the bar!

Want to make fries at home? Michael Jordan’s isn’t releasing the jumbo fry recipe.

But here are some creative French fry recipes from the Idaho Potato Commission.

According to the Idaho Potato Commission, potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable*.

Now, we don’t want to rain on a great food holiday, but as food educators we have a point to make:

While potatoes are scientifically classified as a vegetable*, they are classified nutritionally as a starchy food.

This is because when eaten as part of a meal, potatoes are generally served in place of other starchy carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta or rice.

While starch is an important part of one’s diet, starchy foods don’t count in your 5 A Day servings of fruits and vegetables. Get a side of broccoli with those fries!

  Jumbo French Fry Michael Jordan
[1] Chef Cenobio Canalizo at Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse, holding his French fry creation (photo courtesy Michael Jordan’s).

Russet Burbank Potato
[2] One potato = one fry (photo courtesy Idaho Potato Commission).


*In the binomial nomenclatureregnum animale), the plant kingdom (regnum vegetabile), and the mineral kingdom (regnum lapideum).


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