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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Boska Tostabags For Grilled Cheese

Boska Tostabags
[1] Who needs a stove? Make your grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster (both photos courtesy Boska Holland).

Boska Tostabags
[2] Place the bread and cheese into the bag and pop it into the toaster. The package contains three reusable bags.


Grilled cheese lovers who want a sandwich without the mess should try Tostabags from Boska. They’re a fast (3 minutes), no-mess way to make melted cheese sandwiches in a toaster (photo #1). They also work in a toaster oven.

Woven fiberglass toaster bags, coated in Teflon, hold the bread and cheese together in your toaster’s wells. The result: grilled cheese that’s nice and melty on the inside, crisp and toasty on the outside.

No butter is needed—a nice savings in calories and cholesterol.

Just pop two slices of bread and a slice of cheese into the toaster, along with any other ingredients: avocado, bacon, tomato, etc.

Out comes a lovely melted cheese sandwich, warm and gooey—just as if you had used a pan.

  • It will take a little bit of experimenting to determine out what the right toaster setting is for your appliance.
  • If you want dark toast, toast the bread lightly first.
    The bags are 6″ x 6″. Standard slices of bread fit nicely as long as they aren’t overly thick.

  • The bags can be reused up to 50 times and are dishwasher safe—although you can simply use a paper towel as needed.
  • A package of three bags (phoo #2) is around $8, depending on the retailer (they’re $7.99 on Amazon).

    A bonus for pizza lovers: Place a slice of cold pizza into the bag and use the same toaster technique.

    As with the sandwiches, you’ll need to play with your toaster’s settings to find the ideal heating level (try a lower setting first).

    Your slice will emerge with a crisp crust and melty cheese—unlike the rubbery cheese and limp crust of microwave re-heating.

    Boska Holland began in 1896 as a manufacturer of tools for cheesemakers. The company evolved to produce consumer products, currently: cheese boards and knives; cheese curlers, slicers and graters; fondue sets and raclette grills.

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