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Pizza Pie
[1] You could have a piece of pie for Pi Day. We’ll have a pizza pie instead (photo © Ribalta Pizza | NYC.)

Pi Day Pie
[2] Want a dessert pie? Try pumpkin pie. It must be better for you, since it didn’t make the list of the 16 worst pies (photo courtesy FromTheMixedUpFiles.com).


Mathematically, March 4th is Pi Day: 3.14. As we learned in high school geometry, the Greek symbol is used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, a constant that begins with 3.14159.

Food folks have co-opted Pi Day, turning it into Pi[e] Day and recommending that one celebrate it with a piece of pie.

This might be the time to include one of the numerous “Top 10 Pies” lists; but this year, we have a twist: a list of the 16 worst pies in terms of calories, fat and sugar, as determined by EatThisNotThat.com. You can read the explanations for each pie here.

The worst-for-you pie is #1, the best of the group is #16.

1. Pecan Pie
2. Key Lime Pie
3. Vanilla Caramel Pie
4. Turtle Pie
5. Fruit-Topped Cream Cheese Pie
6. Lemon Meringue Pie
7. Mince Pie
8. Banana Cream Pie
9. Mixed Berry Pie
10. Sweet Potato Pie
11. Peach Pie
12. Cherry Pie
13. Apple Pie
14. Pumpkin Pie
15. Blueberry Pie
16. Coconut Cream Pie
Who would have thought that Coconut Cream Pie could be a “better for you” option?

The choice is yours. Happy Pi Day.

Oh…and there is a National Pie Day. It’s on January 23rd.


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