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FOOD FUN: Angry Turkey Cheesecake

For years, we’ve loved the designs of Elegant Cheesecakes,

Since 1988, Elegant Cheese Cakes has designed memorable wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and other special occasion delights. It was one of our Top Picks Of The Week ten years ago. We’ve been evangelists ever since.

Working in cheesecake, chocolate cake and other popular flavors, owner and pastry chef Susan Morgan and her team create masterpieces to look like whatever the client requires.

Burgers, cigar boxes, footballs, gift boxes tied with ribbon, guitars, handbags, jack-o-lanterns, miniature replicas of homes…no design is too intricate for these cake artisans.

Of course, more traditional shapes are also in the portfolio.

If you have a dream cake in mind, check out the ideas at ElegantCheeseCakes.com.

Our questions: Who ordered the angry turkey? And when do we get a slice?

  Turkey Cheesecake
“Bite me,” says the turkey. Photo © Elegant Cheese Cakes.


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