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PRODUCT: Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad

Betty Crocker Suddenly Grain Salad

One of the three varieties of Suddenly Grain
Salad. Photo courtesy Betty Crocker.


If America isn’t eating enough whole grains, can Betty Crocker help?

Hopefully, the company’s new and not-yet-mainstream boxed grain salads will do the trick.

Following the trend of restaurants to whole grain salads—on the advice of healthcare professionals and the government to consume more whole grains—the food giant has introduced Suddenly Grain Salad, a line extension of their Suddenly Salad pasta salad line.

Each box contains a mix of grains, seasonings and other ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts. It is easy to make, and mess free. You simply boil the grain packets for 17 minutes, then mix with the seasonings and a bit of water and olive oil.

Then, enjoy the salad warm, room temperature or chilled; as a side dish or as a base for grilled chicken or fish. You’ve got a delicious and nutritionist-approved meal.

The grain salads are delicious as is, but you can also add raw or cooked vegetables to amp up the salad: bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.


The Suddenly Grain Salad line debuts with three flavorful varieties:

  • Harvest Grains: brown, wild and red rice and quinoa, with cranberries and almonds, and a blush vinaigrette.
  • Southwest Grains: brown rice, quinoa, black beans, corn and red peppers with a chipotle vinaigrette.
  • Tuscan Grains: brown rice, quinoa, wheat berries, almonds and a tomato parmesan herb dressing.
    We were particularly enamored of Harvest grains and Tuscan Grains—which is not to disparage Southwest Grains; we just liked the flavors of the other two better.

    If you have trouble finding them, ask your grocer or look online. After receiving initial samples from Betty Crocker, we reordered them on

  • Harvest Grains
  • Southwest Grains
  • Tuscan Grains

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