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TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t Boil Lobster—Grill It!

Grill, don’t boil. Photo courtesy

David Chang is a well-known New York chef and restaurateur, founder of the Momofuku restaurant group. He wants you to enjoy lobster that’s more tender.

So don’t boil the lobster, he advises in an article from GQ, which the magazine shared with us.

“I’ve sent thousands of lobsters to Valhalla in my day,” says Chef Chang, “and I’ve found that baking, or better yet, grilling them over indirect heat, yields tastier, more tender results.

“Undercook them slightly, like steaks, and let them rest when they come off the heat. There will be some carryover cooking.”

The chef also advises to leave that three-pounder in the tank.

“Buy lobsters that weigh 1.5 pounds or less,” Chang advises. “Bigger beasts are tougher and less sweet. Alive is great, but frozen will do—just make sure to defrost them [slowly, in the fridge] before cooking.”

How much lobster do you need?

A 1.5-pound lobster yields four to six ounces of meat, and it’s a luxury item so you can’t plan to serve two to each guest.

Chang suggests corn, potatoes, cole slaw, and “maybe some sausages.”

“Forget clarified butter,” he concludes. “Just use melted unsalted butter. Add a touch of lemon or vinegar to the butter and have plenty of lemon wedges on hand.”

For the full article, head to GQ.com

Right now, we’re dreaming of lobster rolls.

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