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TIP OF THE DAY: Deconstruct Your Favorite Foods

[1] Deconstructed pasta carbonara. Here’s the recipe (photo © Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton).

[2] Deconstructed cheesecake maintains the flavors and textures of the original (photo © Garret Kern). See more from Garret Kern.

[3] Deconstructed blueberry pie à la mode from Linda Anctil (photo © Linda Anctil | Playing With Fire And Water).

  Today’s tip is to have fun deconstructing a favorite family dish.

Deconstruction is an avant-garde culinary trend of the last 15 years or so, championed by the famed Catalan chef Ferran Adrià, who has referred to his cooking as “deconstructivist.”

Hervé This, the “father of molecular gastronomy,” reintroduced the concept in 2004 as “culinary constructivism.” Essentially, all of the components and flavors of a classic dish are taken apart and presented in a new shape or form.

The idea is art plus fun, and the deconstruction must taste as good as the original. For example:

  • Deconstructed pecan pie could be brown sugar custard [emulating the filling], with crumbled shortbread cookies [for the crust] and a side of caramelized pecans.
  • Deconstructed key lime pie could be the key lime filling in a Martini glass, topped with graham cracker crumbs.
  • Deconstructed stuffed cabbage: our favorite way to make stuffed cabbage. We’ve done this for some 25 years—who knew we were so avant garde of culinary deconstruction? We slice the cabbage and cook it in the tomato sauce along with rice-filled meatballs. It saves hours of blanching cabbage leaves, filling them with chopped meat and rice, rolling and cooking. All the flavors are there, and it’s also easier to eat (you often need a steak knife to saw through those blanched cabbage leaves).

  • Deconstructed Banana Split: recipe
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  • Deconstructed Ratatouille: recipe
  • Deconstructed Shrimp Cocktail: recipe
  • Deconstructed Spring Roll: recipe
    When you’ve finished your own deconstructed dish, send us a photo.


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