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PRODUCT: Mingo’s Sweet Hot Mustard & Pepper Butter

Mingo’s: mysterious but delicious. Photo by
Elvira Kalvise | THE NIBBLE.

Several products arrive at THE NIBBLE offices each week, over the transom*.

Of these surprise deliveries, some contain a business card, some have a letter and some have nothing. Most of the products are just O.K.; some are quite good and we want to write about them.

And some of the latter become mysteries, because there’s no card, no website on the bottle, and our ability to track down more information is limited.

That’s the case with Mingo’s, a brand about which there is precious little online information. We were able to discern that:

  • It is made by S & S Foods of Mustang, Oklahoma (we did find an address and a phone number).
  • It is available from three or so e-tailers.
    That‘s it.

    While there are several companies named S & S Foods in the country, we could find nothing further about the one in Mustang, Oklahoma. No website, no product reviews. Who Mingo is, we have no idea.

    What we can tell you is that, we really like the products.

  • Mingo’s Sweet Hot Mustard Sauce combines the tang of mustard and vinegar, the heat of jalapeño and a blend of sugar and spices. It has become a favorite condiment on sandwiches and hot dogs. The mustard is listed on Amazon but is out of stock. This Oklahoma e-tailer sells it.
  • Mingo‘s Pepper Butter, is a delightfully different spread in Mild, with the jalapeño seeds removed; Medium, with the heat-containing seeds left in the jalapeños; and Hot, with jalapeño and serrano chiles, including the seeds.

    Like the mustard, the Pepper Butter has a touch of sweetness. As with apple butter, there is no butter in the product; “butter” refers to the smooth spreadability. Use it:

  • As a general condiment and a hot alternative to pickle relish.
  • As a spread on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, wraps, etc.
  • As a dip, straight or combined with cream cheese, mayonnaise or yogurt, with chips, pretzels and raw vegetables.
  • Mixed in with the mayo or other dressing for chicken, tuna and other salads.
  • As a meat and poultry rub, or added to meat loaf and other recipes where you’d like a more refined kick than mere hot sauce.
    Pepper butter on a wrap sandwich. Photo courtesy DairyMax.
    Mingo’s is worth tracking down. Give it with impunity to food-loving friends. Buy it for stocking stuffers. And tell us how else you’d use it.
    *This charming publishing industry term means, “arrives unsolicited or without prior knowledge.” It dates to the days before centralized building ventilation systems, when the transom—a small, horizontal window above a door—was opened to circulate air. Some would-be authors, who could not get their manuscripts past the assistant or the mail room, would toss unsolicited manuscripts over the transom, directly into an editor’s office.


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