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TIP OF THE DAY: Ways To Use Fresh Goat Cheese

Fresh goat cheese is one of our favorite foods. We’re always looking for new ways to use it. Since it spreads and melts easily, that’s not hard to do.

It’s called chèvre (SHEV) in French, which is the word for both the goat and its cheese.

  • Bagels and sandwiches. Use goat cheese instead of cream cheese. It’s delicious with smoked salmon. Layer it on sandwiches (we love goat cheese and grilled vegetables); toss it into wraps. Take a look at this tuna salad with goat cheese.
  • Dessert. If you’re a cheesecake lover, try this goat cheese cheesecake recipe: excellent! If the grill is hot, make grilled peaches with goat cheese and honey. Or make goat cheese frosting for cakes and cupcakes.
  • Dips, spreads and toppings. Just blend fresh goat cheese with herbs and spices. A simple recipe: blend with fresh thyme, cracked pepper and a bit of olive oil. Chives, dill, oregano and parsley are delicious additions.

    One of our favorite first courses: beet and goat cheese Napoleons. Here‘s the recipe. Photo courtesy Ile de France.

  • Eggs. Fold into omelets or scrambled eggs. Add crumbled goat cheese on top of any egg mixture as it begins to cook.
  • Fish, meat and poultry. Goat cheese melts easily and is delicious with mains. Melt it over broiled or grilled fish for a tangy new topping (try this goat cheese stuffed salmon). Add some creaminess to steaks and chops. Take a look at this pork tenderloin with goat cheese.

    What’s better than a cheese soufflé? A goat
    soufflé! Here’s the recipe. Photo
    courtesy Ile de France.
  • Fruit. Goat cheese and fruit ise a simple but sophisticated dessert or snack. It’s as easy to serve as putting goat cheese and grapes on a plate. Many other fruits, from apples to pears, are perfect matches.
  • Pasta, Pizza, Risotto. Fresh goat cheese melts into hot pasta, creating its own sauce. Add diced tomatoes, vegetables and cracked pepper. Toss onto pizza before or after it goes into the oven. Make goat cheese mac and cheese. Or both! Add goat cheese to risotto along with the Parmesan.
  • Salad. Goat cheese is delicious in a green salad with vinaigrette. You can crumble it or top the salad with sliced disks from a log (here’s hot to fry disks of cheese for the salad). It’s delicious with grapefruit, in endive leaves, with spinach and beets…. Now we’re getting hungry!
  • Soup garnish. Top soup with a crumble or disk of goat cheese, or make herbed goat cheese mousse. Check out this gazpacho topped with goat cheese.

  • Quiche. Goat cheese pairs well with the bell peppers, nions, tomatoes and other ingredients of quiche recipes.
    There’s much more, of course. Check out all the delicious goat cheese recipes from Ile de France.


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