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FATHER’S DAY: Chocolate Marshmallow Pops Recipe

Make these treats for Father’s Day. Photo
courtesy La Chocolate | Australia.
  We saw these inviting marshmallow lollipops on the website of La Chocolate, an Australian chocolatier. “Make a batch of me,” they called out.

So we decided to make them for Father’s Day—and also for July 4th with white chocolate and red and blue sprinkles.


  • 10 large marshmallows
  • 2 cups chocolate chips or other chocolate for melting
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Sprinkles or other decorations*
    *You can vary the color and type of decorations by holiday: little Valentine hearts, stars for July 4th, etc.


    1. MELT chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds; stir and continue to microwave and stir at 30-second intervals. Take care not to scorch the chocolate. If there’s just a slight amount of undissolved chocolate, for example, whisk it to melt it instead of overheating the chocolate.

    2. DIP the marshmallows into the chocolate with a fork or other utensil. Place on waxed paper or aluminum foil. Sprinkle with decorations. Allow to set (you can do this in the fridge).

    3. INSERT sticks.

    Marshmallow pops lying on a tray is one option, but you can get more creative in your presentation.

  • Bowl or vase. Fill a deep bowl or small vase with another food that will anchor the marshmallow pops: M&Ms or other small hard candies, rice, lentils or beans, etc.
  • Loaf cake. Buy a pound cake or other loaf cake and let it get slightly stale. Insert the pops into the top. Afterward, you can toast the pound cake and serve it with ice cream, or use it for fondue. You can make a Rice Krispie Treats recipe in a loaf pan for this purpose, and eat it after the pops are gone. If you have a fruit cake in the pantry, its dense texture makes a worthy pop holder.
  • Melon. A watermelon or other pretty melon can serve as your base. You may need to trim the bottom to create a level base, and use an ice pick to make holes for the sticks. But you can still eat the melon afterward.
    Other ideas? Let us know!


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