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COCKTAIL: Bourbon & Ginger Beer

One of the most elegant bosses we’ve ever had, an old school gent, drank Bourbon and Ginger Beer* as his cocktail of choice.

In those long-ago days, before the runaway popularity of the white-goods-based† Bloody Mary, Martini and Margarita, most people were either Scotch or Bourbon drinkers. They drank their spirit of choice with soda, with water or on the rocks; those who didn’t really like the flavor of the spirit added the sugar and lemon of sour mix.

Back then, Bourbon and Ginger Beer was stylish and different. And delicious.

So we were happy to receive this cocktail suggestion from Maker’s Mark Bourbon. For baseball season, they’ve renamed the classic Bourbon & Ginger Beer and ported it to a Pilsner glass, called the Ballpark Diamond. Those ice cubes look like big, rough diamonds, don’t they?

And it couldn’t be easier to serve to your friends and refill during the game:


Ingredients Per Cocktail

  • 1-1/2 parts Maker’s Mark Bourbon
  • Cold ginger beer
  • Ice cubes
    A Bourbon & Ginger Beer is an appropriate cocktail to sip while watching the old ball game. Photo courtesy Makers Mark.

    1. ADD ice cubes to a tall Pilsner (beer) glass.

    2. Pour in 1-1/2 parts of Maker’s Mark and fill to the top with ginger beer. Stir lightly and serve.

    You can also mix multiple drinks in the pitcher and keep the pitcher in the fridge or in an ice bucket. But don’t add the ice cubes to the drink until you’re ready to serve.

    *Ginger was brewed in England in the mid-18th century as an alcoholic drink. Today it is invariably a soft drink. Think of it as a stronger version of ginger ale.

    †In the liquor industry, “brown goods” are the brown spirits, including bourbon, rum and whiskey. White goods are the clear spirits, such as gin, tequila, vodka.


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