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PRODUCT: Cake Out, Cupcake Or Cake In A Box

This luscious piece of layer cake is eaten
from the box (see photo below). Photo

Cake Out claims it has reinvented the cupcake, but it actually has reinvented the layer cake. With extra layers of filling not found in cupcakes, we’re charmed by this cake-in-a-box.

Cake Out thought out of the box by thinking inside the box. We’re not even going to guess how the cake is perfectly fitted inside (see the photo below).

What the company calls “modern cupcakes” are six layers of cake, filling and frosting that occupy a small Chinese take-out box wall-to-wall. The only instructions are to “Dig deep!” You get a luscious balance of flavors and textures in every bite.

The sophisticated-yet-fun packaging makes the excellent cake even more memorable.

You eat it with a fork or spoon without dropping crumbs anywhere. Mess-free and delicious!

Cake Outs are shipped fresh nationwide; the packing helps to keep it much fresher than a cupcake. Each box contains six ounces of delectable cake, fillings and frosting.

Fun for weddings and other parties and corporate events, Cake Outs can be customized with personalized messages, logos and photos. We love them as wedding favors.



We liked every flavor we tried. You can buy them individually or in assortments:

  • Black And White: alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla and chocolate and vanilla chocolate butter cream frostings and topped with chocolate sprinkles.
  • Cacao Infusion: Rich chocolate cake made with mascarpone cheese instead of butter, with fillings of whipped chocolate and mocha buttercream, and topped with chocolate ganache and raw cacao nibs.
  • Cracked Coconut: coconut milk cake layered with whipped coconut milk and coconut cream frostings and topped with toasted coconut flakes.
  • Raspberry Soirée: dense vanilla cake layered with vanilla butter cream and a marshmallow raspberry sauce, made from from-scratch marshmallow cream blended with fresh raspberries.
  • Salted Margarita: A light coconut cake layered with coconut cream and lime butter cream, topped with pink Himalayan salt and fresh lime zest.

    The box is fully filled with cake. Photo courtesy Cake Out.

  • Saucy Peanut: Chocolate cake layered with chocolate butter cream and silky peanut butter sauce, then topped with roasted peanuts.
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