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PRODUCT: Sushi Donuts, Cricket Donuts

Sushi donuts? Sounds delish. Photo courtesy
Psycho Donuts.

Psycho Donuts, in San Jose, California, is, well, a bit psycho.

It’s not the sushi-shaped donuts, a bento box with Pocky chopsticks called Psycho Psushi. We love the idea.

But the cricket donuts (yep, with whole dried crickets) are a bit psycho for us. We come from the generation right before Fear Factor made it cool to eat bugs.

We don’t know how many people buy the cricket donuts, but the company does say that when it launched Psycho Psushi a year ago, a line of 1,000 people wrapped around the block(s) to get them.

This year, the company made twice as much to meet demand for the Psycho Psushi.

Alas, Psycho Donuts does not deliver outside of Santa Clara County. But there’s still time for you to find your way to San Jose by National Donut Day.


Would You Like Bugs With That?

In honor of National Donut Day—the first Friday in June, this year, June 1st—Psycho Donuts has launched a new series of donuts, dubbed PsychoBugz. It employs edible crickets and larvae as donut toppings.

Ron Levi, Doctor of Donut Derangement at Psycho Donuts, notes that while bugs may have a bad rap in the U.S., they are enjoyable snacks in other parts of the world, (they are very high in protein).

We’re still creeped out by the sight of Al Roker eating a scorpion-on-a-stick at the Beijing Olympics. But if you’re game:


Cherp Derp, a chocolate donut topped with crickets. Photo courtesy Psycho Donuts.


  • Chirp Derp is a chocolate cake donut with a hint of pumpkin and chipotle. The donut is iced in dark chocolate with a drizzle of milk chocolate, with a sprinkle of bacon bits. Three crickets are perched atop the donut.
  • Worm Hole is a jalapeño tequila-spiked cake donut with salted lime icing, keylime drizzle and a Mexican spice larvette near the donut’s center.
    Chief Psycho Jordan Zweigoron said, “We are buzzing with excitement.”

    Check out the company website.


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