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VALENTINE’S DAY: Valrhona, France’s Favorite Chocolate

A French spin on Valentine chocolate. Photo
courtesy Valrhona.

  Speak to French chocolatiers and pastry chefs—or anyone trained in the world’s leading culinary schools—and odds are that their chocolate of choice is Valrhona.

It’s one of our favorites, whether for baking or for snacking.

Nestled in the middle of the vineyards of Tain l’Hermitage in the Rhone Valley, France, since 1922 Valrhona has produced the finest chocolate couverture.

A highly regarded pioneer in the prestige chocolate world, Valrhona did not sell its chocolate direct to the consumer until 1986. Prior to then it sold couverture only to chocolate manufacturers.


More recently, the company has created bonbons and other chocolate confections. For Valentine’s Day there’s a gold-speckled, heart-shaped red box holding 15 heart-shaped bonbons:

  • 5 dark chocolate hearts filled with a tiramisu-flavored chocolate ganache
  • 5 milk chocolate hearts filled with caramel
  • 5 white chocolate hearts: White chocolate and Grand Marnier
    Available exclusively through the Valrhona online boutique for $29.99, it’s waiting to be sent with your personal message, to someone who’d adore a box of fine French chocolate.

    More about Valrhona chocolate.


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