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TIP OF THE DAY: American Cheeses For Thanksgiving

A tempting selection of cheeses from Jasper
Hill Farm
in Greensboro, Vermont.

  We’ve gotten a spate of emails from cheese purveyors, recommending cheeses for Thanksgiving dinner.

Amazingly, not one of them has suggested an American-made cheese! American cheeses have taken top honors in competitions worldwide. Attention must be paid!

So we say to those vendors: On this most American of holidays, why serve something from France or England when there are so many magnificent cheeses made in America?

Go to your town’s best cheese store and ask for recommendations for an all-American cheese plate.

While we love every cheese produced by these cheesemakers, we picked our favorites to serve on Thanksgiving, as a dessert cheese plate:


  • Some of the heavenly goat cheeses from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery—and their butter, too (the butter is amazing, and the salted variety is the only salted butter we eat).
  • Truffle Tremor goat cheese from Cypress Grove Chevre of Arcata, California. Truffle Tremor and Humboldt Fog are icons to goat cheese lovers.
  • Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery, of Point Reyes Station, California.
  • The brilliant Point Reyes Original Blue, blue cheese made in Point Reyes, California (the blue cheese dip is to-die-for, too).
  • Barely Buzzed Cheddar, rubbed with ground coffee, from Beehive Cheese of Uintah, Utah.
    The great state of Wisconsin makes so many great cheeses, they could fill an entire cheese store (and in Wisconsin, they do!).

    On Thanksgiving, among our many blessings, we’ll give thanks for American cheeses.

    Find more of our favorite American cheeses in our Cheese Section.


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