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THANKSGIVING: Save Time With Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Mix

Which of the five flavors of Pepperidge Farm
stuffing will we use in our final recipe? Tune
in next week. Photo courtesy Pepperidge

  We have a friend who bakes cornbread from scratch the day before Thanksgiving, just to make her signature cornbread stuffing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, our Mom—a great cook by anyone’s account—always starts with a base of packaged Pepperidge Farm Stuffing.

Not only are Pepperidge Farm stuffings delicious to her ever-so-picky palate, but they also save time—which nobody has to spare when preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

(In addition to turkey, stuffing and homemade gravy, Mom whips up two different types of cranberry sauce, both white and sweet potato dishes, two green vegetable dishes, hot biscuits, a green salad, a relish tray, fresh fruit salad and two different pies. If I’ve forgotten something, Mom, chime in.)

In our youth, there was only one style of Pepperidge Farm Stuffing: herb-seasoned cubes of bread. Today, busy cooks have five choices: Herb Seasoned, Herb Seasoned Cubed, Cornbread, Country Cubed and Sage and Onion cubed.


This Year, It’s Pepperidge Farm For Us
After years of making stuffing from every type of bread we came across—one year, we spent a fortune on brioche—we’re excited to return to our roots. We’ve accepted a challenge from Pepperidge Farm to create an original stuffing recipe based on one of their stuffing mixes.

The biggest challenge for us is where to begin—we’d like to make all five flavors.

And we just may do so, since in exchange for our recipe, Pepperidge Farm will reimburse us for ingredients and time. And of course, we get to eat all the stuffing!

  • Watch. Stay tuned for our recipe as well as our recommendations on how to use leftover stuffing.
  • Share. If you have favorite stuffing add-ins or other shortcuts that save time in the preparation and serving of holiday meals, let us know. We’ll post them next week.

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