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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Finish Soup In Blender

The correct technique for blending hot soup.
Photo courtesy Cuisinart.

  Yesterday we discussed how easy it is to blend soups and sauces with a hand-held immersion blender.

Today, we share a tip for using a conventional upright blender. This tip should be part of every recipe that tells you to blend hot soup, but it isn’t.

That’s why some of us have ended up blowing the top off the blender and spattering soup on the ceiling. Perhaps it’s a rite of passage when first learning to make soup—but it doesn’t have to be.

When a hot liquid is put into a sealed container like the blender carafe, steam builds up inside. Turn on the motor to agitate the liquid and there’s no place for the steam to go—except out through the top.

That’s one reason why blenders have a removable plug in the lid—the focus of today’s tip.

Accident-Free Puree Soup

1. Pour soup into the blender carafe.
2. Remove the plug in the center of the lid and cover the opening with a folded kitchen towel.
3. Keep one hand on the towel-covered lid; operate the blender with the other.

Yes, you’ll need to wash the soup-spattered towel, but that’s a lot easier than hauling out the ladder to clean the kitchen ceiling!

Now that you know the trick, make some soup! Check out our Soups & Stocks Section for some new recipes.

So many people use a blender when making soup that Cuisinart created the Blend and Cook Soup Maker.

This unique blender has a patented cooking technology that lets you cook the soup in the blender from scratch—from sautéing chopped vegetables; to boiling, simmering and blending; to keeping the soup hot until ready to serve.

The Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker performs all standard blender functions as well. Here’s more information.


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