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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Halloween Brownie Gifts

Harvest Pumpkin is like a pumpkin pie
crossed with a blondie. Photo courtesy

  Last week we presented our favorite Halloween candy.

This week, it’s Halloween brownies.

They’re not decorated with ghosts or tombstones, and only one brownie—Pumpkin Harvest Blondie—has a related Halloween theme.

But all 15 flavors of these delectable round brownies and blondies—called Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties—are a welcome addition to any celebration, party or gift fest.

  • More sophisticated than most candy and neater than cupcakes, each brownie is encased in a round, hard plastic gift box. (You can put a Halloween sticker on the box.)
  • It’s easy to exercise portion control: You can have one-third or half a brownie and store the rest in the airtight box for another time.

    Rich, Moist Brownies In Luscious Flavors

    You may have come across some of these delicious brownie flavors before: caramel, double chocolate, espresso, mint, peanut butter and raspberry. If not, hasten to try these moist, fudgy flavor expressions.

    Blondie lovers can be tempted with exciting flavors we haven’t found elsewhere: cinnamon streusel (with a coffee cake topping), coconut pineapple cashew (coconut lovers will adore it), drunken chunky (with bourbon), PB&J and a “sweet-and-salty” three-nut blondie with sea salt.

    Read the full review to learn why these special brownies and blondies are at the top of our list.

    Place your order now for a 10% discount. Use code BOO at checkout, through October 31, 2011.

    Keep them in mind for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers and anytime you need an impressive gift for less than $5.00.


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