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TIP OF THE DAY: Kitchen Shears

Watching a professional chef wield a knife is impressive: in a whoosh, everything is chopped, neatly and evenly. Whole chickens are cut apart effortlessly and chives are cut into impossibly small pieces.

If you’re not a knife wizard, consider a pair of kitchen shears. They make our tasks go quickly and don’t remind us that our knife skills could be better.

Use them for:

  • Snipping herbs (we use shears daily for basil, chives and parsley), scallion leaves and leafy vegetables
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  • Separating pizza slices (much better than a serrated wheel)
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  • Cutting poultry, fish, crustaceans and other foods
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    In addition to cutting food, you can use the shears to trim flowers, parchment paper and twine; open boxes; and other cutting tasks.

    Newer kitchen shears have added features:

    These Wustoff kitchen shears are available
    on Amazon.com.

  • A serrated section in the center for removing bottle caps and cracking nuts (we’ve also used this to strip herbs such as rosemary and oregano from their woody stems).
  • Handles that are equal for lefties as well as righties.
  • Two metal prongs at the ends of the handles lift jar lids.
  • A hinge that makes it easy to take the scissors apart for cleaning.
    The metals are also dishwasher-safe (although hand washing keeps the edges sharper).

    If you don’t want to buy something new, any clean, sharp scissors with a 3″ to 4″ blade can be repurposed as kitchen shears.


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