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RECIPE: Greek Pizza

Pizza with Greek toppings: Greek-Italian
fusion cuisine. Photo courtesy zpizza.

  Although Pizza was founded in Laguna Beach, California, we’re lucky enough to have two zPizzas here in New York City (three, if you count the one in JFK Airport). zPizza is all about natural, quality ingredients. Their crusts are made from organic wheat flour and they use fresh produce and additive-free sausage. We had fun perusing their website for international pizza recipe ideas: Mexican- and Thai-style pizza among the 12 options.

Sometimes the toppings take some creative license: The Tuscan pizza, for example, starts with roasted garlic sauce, mozzarella, cremini and button mushrooms, truffle oil and fresh thyme—very Italian and very tempting. But we don’t understand the addition of shiitake mushrooms (Japanese) and more particularly, feta cheese (Greece and other countries, but not Italy).

But there is a feta-topped Greek pizza. We love a Greek salad so were inspired to try this recipe.

Grab a pizza crust and your favorite red sauce. Top with chopped or halved Greek olives, crumbled feta, sliced tomatoes, red onion and oregano. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese—yes, it’s Italian, but this is Italian-Greek fusion.

Those within nibbling distance of zPizza (there are locations all over the country) can take advantage of their “Passport to Pizza” promotion. Purchase any three of the Casablanca, Greek, Napoli or Provence pizzas by April 30, 2011 and you’ll get one extra-large pizza for free.

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