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TIP OF THE DAY: Fat Separator

Remember Jack Sprat, who could eat no fat; and his wife could eat no lean?

We bet that Mrs. Sprat is long gone to her reward from heart disease, diabetes, and/or stroke: a result of her high-cholesterol, high-saturated-fat diet.*

Jack? He’s a sprightly senior, still eating lean.

*Our bodies make too much cholesterol when we eat too much saturated fat, which is the type of fat found in animal-based foods, including meat and dairy products.

Take a tip from Jack: Minimize your saturated fat intake from gravy, soups and stocks.

Separating fat can be a messy job, but the OXO Fat Separator makes it neat and easy.

One of the easiest ways to eat healthier:
use a fat separator. Photo courtesy SurLaTable.com

Old school cooks skim the fat while cooking, or by refrigerating the cooked food. The fat rises to the surface and congeals when cold, so it can be hand-skimmed with a spoon. This process works reasonably well, but it’s tedious and has you shaking or wiping fat from the spoon, over and over again.

Others use a bulb baster. It’s better than nothing, but it doesn’t make things easy.

Then some savvy person invented the fat separator. Some look like measuring cups; some, which are used at the table, look like gravy boats.

Since fat rises to the top, a fat separator allows you to pour the lean juices from a spout connected to the bottom of the device (see the photo). The fat remains inside.

The OXO Fat Separator adds a mechanism that filters out solid particles, leaving “pure slimmed-down juices” to flow from the spout. It’s available at Sur La Table and other fine stores, and SurLaTable.com; and at Amazon.com in both two-cup and four-cup sizes.


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