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PRODUCT: Cocktail Tree

If you frequently host cocktail parties, you can cement your reputation for innovation with a Cocktail Tree.

The Cocktail Tree was developed by SushiSamba to enable patrons of the fusion-cuisine restaurant chain (a meld of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian influences) to enjoy tasting portions of different fancy cocktails.

It is popular at SushiSamba restaurants nationwide (Chicago, Miami, New York and Las Vegas) as a fun way to sample the restaurant’s extensive beverage menu.

You now can have a tree of your own.

It isn’t inexpensive, but you get what you pay for: a memorable experience for $250 (the price includes the 12 glasses).

Each handcrafted tree is made from forged steel, with a blackened patina and satin lacquer.

Get yours at


Try different drinks from the tasting tree.
Photo courtesy SushiSamba.

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