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TIP OF THE DAY: Mint Water For The Holidays

Yesterday we received a wonderful holiday gift—a sampler of all of the flavors of Metromint Water. In a couple of hours, we’d consumed the Goodberrymint Water and the Spearmint Water, and we took Orangemint Water to the movies last night.

Metromint is one of our favorite no-calorie treats. It’s available nationwide or online, where a case of 24 is $38.00 with free shipping ($1.59/bottle) from Metromint.com. The Chocolatemint Water is a miracle—it can substitute for dessert or accompany a chocolate, vanilla or berry dessert.

But if that’s not in the budget, you can make your own spearmint or peppermint water to serve during cocktails or at the dinner table instead of tap water. It won’t be as intensely minty as Metromint Water, but less intense is better to complement food.

How To Make Mint Water
Fill your water pitcher with fresh mint leaves, crushing them gently to release the mint flavor. Add water and stir to help the flavors mix. The further in advance you can do this, the longer the water can diffuse.

You also can add cucumber, lemon, lime and/or orange slices and whole strawberries. In addition to looking beautiful in a glass pitcher, their flavors will also infuse into the water.

You can also add fresh tarragon, rosemary, basil or other favorite herbs for a complex layering of flavor. Have fun with it. Whatever you do, it will look great, taste great and have zero calories.

Add mint to your water to create “holiday
water.” Photo courtesy Metromint.com.

Garnish Your Mint Water
If you don’t have room in the fridge to chill the water, make holiday ice cubes.

  • Fill ice cube trays with water and drop a cranberry or raspberry and a tiny mint leaf (or a tarragon or rosemary sprig) into each compartment. Freeze.
  • To serve, put a cranberry ice cube in each glass and pour in the mint water.


Mint Is Healthy
Mint combats tension and eases tired muscles. Consuming mint before a meal helps digestion by increasing the flow of digestive juices, and it similarly calms nervous stomachs.

Mint contains the antioxidant perillyl alcohol, a photonutrient that has been shown to prevent major types of cancer in animal studies. Two easy ways to include more mint in your diet are by adding mint to your tea (brew it with the tea leaves) and snipping it into salads.

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