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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Gourmet Ketchup

Let food commoners debate the merits of Del Monte, Heinz and Hunt’s ketchup. We have something so much better for you. Call it gourmet ketchup.

More than two years ago, we tasted 32 tomato ketchups and found enormous differences. Some brands stood out as superior tastes, others didn’t make the grade. We’ve just tasted nine more ketchups—some bound for glory, some bound for the recycling bin.

Use a spoon to try the ketchup you’re using. Do you taste rich tomato flavor or corn syrup (sugar)?

Most commercial ketchups are made from tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup and seasonings—salt and spices, such as onion powder.

What if your ketchup were made from tomato purée, cider vinegar, agave nectar or brown sugar and enough spice so that you can savor a complex layering of allspice, clove, cinnamon and onion? What if you could cut your sugar intake by half, and switch to low-glycemic agave sweetener instead of high fructose corn syrup?

Should you care about the quality of your
ketchup? If you care about your other food
and beverages, absolutely! Photo by Fotografia Basica | IST.

  • Read the full review of our two featured ketchups, Montebello Kitchens and Sir Kensington’s. Both make regular and spicy ketchup (chipotle, curry).
  • See the history of ketchup plus our original review of more than 50 ketchup brands, including non-tomato-based ketchup.


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