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CONTEST: Cheesecake Recipe

Is your recipe better than Junior’s Lemon
Coconut Cheesecake? Photo courtesy

Junior’s Restaurant—a favorite of cheesecake-loving New Yorkers for 6 decades—is celebrating its 60th birthday with a national contest for the next great flavor of its cheesecake.

The company already has dozens of delicious cheesecake flavors, from Original Plain, Chocolate Swirl and best-selling Strawberry to Pumpkin, Red Velvet and Tiramisu. It sells approximately 5,000 cheesecakes a week, ranging in weight from the individual 5-ounce cheesecake to a hefty five-pounder.

If you’ve got an original recipe for the next great flavor, head over to to enter it.

The winner will receive a $1,800 prize and will have his or her cheesecake featured as a limited edition at Junior’s Restaurant. A portion of the proceeds from the winning cheesecake sales will be donated to charity.

The deadline to submit your recipe is September 30, 2010. Three finalists will participate in a bake-off at Junior’s Restaurant in Brooklyn on November 2nd.


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