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TIP OF THE DAY: Lower Calorie Ice Cream

Ice cream and “pie” unite in one container.
Photo by Katharine Polllak | THE NIBBLE.

It’s National Ice Cream Month. We’re a major celebrant: Ice cream is one of our favorite foods.

Alas, we like to eat lots of ice cream. Looking at the calorie counts of superpremium ice cream brands is an eye-opening experience. There are up to 300 calories for a teeny quarter-cup serving (some flavors with high-calorie inclusions are even more). Raise your hand if you limit your portion to a quarter of a cup!

So while we eat our fair share of superpremium ice cream, to feed the majority our habit we look for lower-calorie alternatives.

Breyer’s No Sugar Added Ice Cream in the Smooth & Dreamy line hits the spot. Enjoyed plain or with fruit, added to a diet root beer or whisked into a glass of nonfat milk (we add a packet of non-caloric sweetener to the milk for a sweeter shake), it makes a very satisfying ice cream experience.

Another way to go is a brand like Lovin’ Scoopful, a light, low-calorie premium (not superpremium—see the difference) ice cream with half the fat and one-third fewer calories than other premium ice creams. The milk is rBST-free.

Unlike most lighter brands, which tend to focus on the basic flavors, Lovin’ Scoopful has lots of flashy flavors, such as Baba’s Butter Pecan Brittle (loved it!), Mad About Mud Pie and Rockin’ Raspberry Cheesecake. We were especially captivated by Oh My Blueberry Pie, a blueberry swirl in vanilla with large pieces of pie crust that were fully crisp and crunchy.


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