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TIP OF THE DAY: Scream For Goat Ice Cream

We’re maaad for Delicieuse goat’s milk
ice cream. Photo by Daniela Cuevas | THE

July is National Ice Cream month. That’s great news for most of us, but what about people who are lactose-intolerant?

Pints of goat’s milk ice cream are a happy solution.

Goat’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk, and can generally be enjoyed by the lactose intolerant. In fact, goat’s milk is more digestible for everyone. The fat globules in goat’s milk are much finer than those in cow’s milk, making it easier for enzymes to break down. There’s also less fat than in cow’s milk.

LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream has been a palate-pleaser for both goat cheese lovers and the lactose-intolerant. It is sold at fine food stores nationally (see the store locator), and you can order it online.

As much as we like LaLoo’s, we’re even crazier about Delicieuse French Ice Cream Artisanal—goat’s milk ice cream in gourmet flavors that can pass for cow’s milk (that is to say, you might not even notice any goaty flavors). It is available online. Delicieuse also makes magnificent cow’s milk ice cream and sorbet as well.

Goat’s milk ice cream makes a wonderful gift for lactose-intolerant friends—or anybody who loves goat cheese.

For goat cheese lovers, here’s a goat cheese ice cream recipe from Charlie Trotter—served with whole roasted figs. It is made with goat cheese plus cow’s milk and cream, but you can tweak the recipe with goat’s milk.


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