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TIP OF THE DAY: Peachy News

Let peaches ripen to perfection. Overripe
peaches can be puréed for sauce, turned
into peach ice cream or peach smoothie.
Photo by Gerhard Taatgen, Jr. | SXC.

May is the beginning of peach season. Fuzzy clingstone peaches are in the market for your nibbling pleasure, with freestone peaches arriving in July through September.

While the fruits taste the same, the pits in clingstone peaches cling to the flesh; the freestone pits pop right out.

What difference does it make to you? As a hand fruit there’s not much difference, although freestones tend to have softer, juicier flesh. For freezing, cooking or drying, they hold their shape better than freestone peaches.

But for preparation, freestone peaches are a bit easier to work with since you don’t have to work to free the pit from the flesh. They’re easier to slice for fruit salads and have a clean edge if you’re slicing them for a beautiful presentation—plated or on a tart or cake. And because they’re easier to work with, they’re preferred for pickling and canning.

A tip to peel peaches: While some people use the technique of dropping the fruit into boiling water to loosen the skin, this does slightly alter the delicate flavor and texture. Instead, use a sharp potato peeler and peel the skin in narrow strips—this produce is more tender than a potato!

  • There’s nothing like fresh peach ice cream. Be sure to make some! Here’s a recipe that uses honey instead of sugar.
  • Peaches originated in China and have been cultivated at least since 1,000 B.C.E. Learn the history of the peach.


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