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TIP OF THE DAY: The ABCs Of Omega-3s

Get Omega-3s from Spaghetti alla
Puttanesca. Photo by Nishi Daryuichi |

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthful polyunsaturated fats. Extensive research indicates that they reduce inflammation and help prevent certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and arthritis. They reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

We pop three small capsules a day to get our share of Omega-3 (and Omega-6). But most people don’t like to swallow pills. So processed food manufacturers are pandering to consumers’ desire to eat more Omega-3s.

Yet many of products that proclaim “Contains Omega-3s!” are not as beneficial as a consumer might desire.

• If it doesn’t disclose the milligrams of Omega-3 per serving on the label, you can bet that the Omega-3s inside aren’t doing you much good.

• Many “Omega-3 products” contain only ALA, when research now indicates that the combination of DHA and EPA is most effective.

Studies suggest an average of 500 milligrams of Omega-3 a day is beneficial. You can get that much by following the American Heart Association’s guideline to eat fatty fish at least twice weekly.

Salmon is the poster boy (poster fish?) for Omega-3; it has the highest amount per serving. But those who’d like alternatives should try anchovies, herring, sardines and mackerel, the next four O-3 heavy fish on the list. Try these yummy ideas:

Pasta: Toss pasta with anchovies, garlic oil (infuse olive oil with a clove of garlic) and bread crumbs. Pasta alla Puttanesca also contains anchovies. Pasta and anchovies are a natural—look for other recipes. Try different brands of anchovies to find tastier, less salty varieties.

Anchovy Paste: Use anchovy paste to add flavor and Omega-3s to your food.

Fresh Anchovies: Marinated fresh anchovies are ubiquitous in Italy, but a rare delight—as different from the canned variety as fresh tuna is to canned tuna. They’re worth tracking down. Serve them as a first course with lettuce and tomato.

Caesar Salad & Pizza: Two great opportunities to enjoy anchovies.

Sardines: Sardines are delicious. Buy a good brand and have a sardine salad as a first course.

Mackerel: If you don’t like cooked mackerel, try it at a sushi bar. It’s one of our favorites.

Bagel With Pickled Herring Or Herring Salad. Another favorite. Warning: We’re not responsible if you become addicted to this one.

More ideas to come; but now we’ve got to go out for a garlic bagel with pickled herring. And a slice of tomato for some lycopene.


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