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TIP OF THE DAY: “Skinny” Cheese Course

Cheese courses have become very popular as the end to a good dinner. But cheese is high-caloric and high-fat: It has more fat than protein (except for reduced fat and fat-free varieties—see the ratios of fat to protein in your favorite cheeses).

So, serve a “skinny” cheese course. If you present self-serve selections—large wedges or wheels on a tray—the temptation exists for people to help themselves to 500 calories or more of cheese (not to mention the bread or crackers).

Instead, pre-plate the cheeses for everyone, with a one-ounce slice of one great cheese and a bit of gourmet salad greens lightly tossed with vinaigrette. Put one large crouton (a slice of toasted baguette) or specialty cracker on each plate to avoid the temptation of a bread basket.

  • Drizzle a chunk of Parmigiano-Reggiano with aged fine balsamic vinegar and a small frisée salad.
  • Serve a fine blue cheese or a goat cheese with a drizzle of quality honey, some red grapes and dressed field greens.
  • How about a wedge of Brie or Camembert with a plump fig and a few walnut halves with a baby arugula salad; or your favorite Cheddar with a fan of apple slices and red-leaf lettuce?



Serve large wedges of cheese and people will
help themselves to large portions. Instead,
pre-cut and serve just one or two slices to
everyone. Photo courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

You can have your cheese and eat it too: a small piece of a rich food is satisfying.

Have fun devising your own combinations and garnishes. Add a basket of fresh fruit to the table to finish your meal.


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