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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: The Best Of 2009 ~ Part 1, Savory Foods

As is our tradition, the Top Picks of the last two weeks of the year present the best products we’ve tried during the year—everyday specialty food products that can make every day special.

This week, in Part I of “The Best Of 2009,” we present in alphabetical order our favorite savory foods and beverages.

You can click to the original reviews via the links links below, or read our “Best Gourmet & Specialty Foods of 2009” full review to learn why these have become permanent additions to our home pantry (and to THE NIBBLE kitchen as well).

  • Ayala’s Herbal Water (Kosher, Organic)
  • Golden Star Sparkling Tea
  • Field Roast Grain Meat (Vegan)
  • Fusion Flavored Sea Salt
  • Marvelous Mayonnaise: Baconaise & Spicy Lemonaise (Kosher)

    Fusion flavored sea salts put a new spin on fries, roast chicken, salad, Margaritas or anything sprinkled with salt. We try a different flavor each time—from hot Habanero to Aged Balsamic. Photo © Idaho Potato Commission.
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