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RECIPE: Gingerbread House “Mug Cookies”

How brilliant is Megan Reardon, the blogmeister of

Not only has she invented, to our knowledge, the concept of the “mug cookie”—a cookie baked with a slot that hooks onto a mug of hot chocolate, tea or coffee—but she has done it in the most charming way. Get the recipe and download the pattern.

Cookies are only one of Martha’s impressive talents. We can’t wait for an occasion to make her bacon cups and fill them with scrambled eggs or a spinach salad.

For those of into Jell-o shooters, here is an impressive Jell-O shooters recipe or (if you leave out the vodka) a way to amuse kids with Jell-O.
Martha Reardon, we don’t know you, but we love you!


It’s cookie magic: a wee gingerbread
house that perches on the rim of a mug.
Photo by Martha Reardon |

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