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PRODUCT: New Siblings For Bacon Salt


The Bacon Salt family. Photo by Hannah
Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

When Bacon Salt debuted two years ago, we loved the idea. While the founders looked at it as “bacon flavor everywhere,” we delighted in the idea of “kosher, vegetarian bacon flavoring for those who can’t have bacon.” But we never found the salt bacony enough. In full disclosure, except for a sprinkling of sea salt here and there, we’re not big salt users. So while we applaud the innovation, perhaps we’re just not the target market for this product.

But Bacon Salt has throngs of devotées, so when two new limited edition flavors were released (Cheddar and Jalapeño), we sat down with all five varieties. There were some hits as well as misses.

  • Bacon Salt: Op.cit., not bacony enough. On the other hand, we absolutely adore Baconnaise, the company’s bacon-flavored mayonnaise. It was a Top Pick of The Week recently.
  • Hickory Bacon Salt: Good hickory flavor as well as nice and salty (although the whole line is “low sodium”). Our runner-up favorite.
  • Peppered Bacon Salt: Very peppery. We like it as a seasoning, though it’s not exactly pepper bacon. Our third favorite.
  • Cheddar Bacon Salt: No discernable Cheddar flavor.
  • Jalapeño Bacon Salt: A light jalapeño burn, enjoyable without overwhelming the palate. Not exactly bacon salt, but a very nice jalapeño salt and our favorite seasoning.


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