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PRODUCT: Bone Suckin’ Sweet Hot Mustard

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Just in time for peak hot dog grilling season.

  With July 4th a few days away, and the prospect of a whole summer of yummy franks on the grill, we’d like to suggest the addition of Bone Suckin’ brand’s Sweet Hot Mustard. Imagine America’s yellow hot dog mustard. (Yes, bright yellow mustard was invented here—French’s Cream Salad Brand Mustard was envisioned as a cooking ingredient, e.g. for potato and egg salad and just happen to coincide with the rise of the ballpark frank. See the history of mustard.) But Bone Suckin’s creamy, yellow mustard is at a gourmet level, with sweet and hot layers of flavor from brown sugar, molasses, paprika and jalapeños. There’s a tempered sweetness and medium heat—just enough heat to be interesting, but not enough to require a cold beer as an antidote (that part is purely optional).

We think you’ll love it as much as we do; you might also want to order some extra jars to bring as host/hostess gifts when you’re invited to a cookout. We love Bone Suckin’s Sweet Hot Mustard on hot dogs and burgers, but you can dip pretzels into it, spread it on sandwiches, mix it into potato salad and stir it into your favorite recipes. It’s all natural (no preservatives), gluten free, fat free, HFCS free and certified kosher (pareve) by OU. A 12-ounce jar is $6.79 at

By the way: Can you name the spice that gives yellow mustard its bright yellow color? The answer is below.

Answer: Turmeric, which also gives curry powder its deep yellow color, is responsible for the vibrant yellow of “ballpark” mustards as well.

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