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TOP PICK: Somebody’s Mother’s Dessert Sauces

Make that everyday chocolate brownie sparkle with Somebody’s Mother’s White Chocolate Sauce.

Somebody’s Mother’s makes terrific chocolate sauces. In this case, Somebody’s Mother[’s] is Lynn Lasher, who, with her three teenage children, now in college or just graduated, launched the company in 2005. The three flavors—Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce—couldn’t be better. Even people who don’t eat things out of jars may find themselves emptying the container with a spoon.

Often we are asked why one chocolate sauce, jam, et cetera is so much better than another. The answer starts with “better ingredients” and ends with the finesse with which one puts them together—the recipe proportions. Somebody’s Mother’s has achieved perfection here. Even if you think your own homemade chocolate sauce or caramel sauce is better, you probably won’t deny that these should be on the awards podium.

The ingredients are exactly the ones you’d use at home. The chocolate sauces use heavy cream, sugar, butter and chocolate; the caramel is heavy cream, sugar and butter only. There’s some Pear William in the White Chocolate Sauce, but the eau de vie (denoting a clear fruit brandy), while adding to the complexity, isn’t obvious—kids will like it, and the White Chocolate Sauce tastes like white chocolate custard. No complaints about that! Read the full review and buy lots of this terrific, smartly-packaged dessert sauce—it makes a great, inexpensive gift, and you’re helping somebody’s mother pay college tuition for three kids.

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