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Ground Cinnamon
Ground cinnamon—or is it cassia? Photo courtesy McCormick.

A bit of news that may surprise you: The spice you know as cinnamon—the one you sprinkle on sugared toast and into cookie and cake batters; the one that adds depth to curries and bite to marinades—is not real cinnamon at all!

In fact it’s from a tree called cassia.

While professionals distinguish between cassia and true cinnamon, to the consumer, what is often sold as ground cinnamon is cassia. It doesn’t curl into sticks like true cinnamon, and is cheaper than true cinnamon. You can’t tell the difference when it’s ground—so what you purchase as ground cinnamon is often cassia.

The aromas and flavors are similar, but not identical.

When you buy cinnamon sticks, you know they’re the real deal.

Learn more about the differences between cassia and cinnamon—and the best ways to cook and bake with both—in our complete review of this complex spice and its history.


You know how to cook with cinnamon. But do you know how to drink it?

Try the Cinnamon Cider Martini, one of our favorite spicy cocktails.

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