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PRODUCT: New Liberté Yogourt Flavors Rock

Delicious for light lunch, snacking or dessert (photo THE NIBBLE).

Vive la liberté: Liberté Yogurt has introduced two fab new flavors into its Mediteranée line of yogurts, and we think we like them even better than all of the other flavors. That’s saying a lot, since we have long been enamored of the entire line.

The new flavors, Coconut and Lemon, taste exactly like pudding—you could serve them for dessert or use them as a cake filling.

These all-natural cow’s milk yogurts, made with rBGH-free Vermont cow’s milk, are a favorite at THE NIBBLE for light lunches and snacking.

For people who want live cultures, but don’t like the tangy taste that accompanies many yogurts, this is your line. It tastes like Devonshire cream, yet contains active acidophilus/bifidus Bioghurt® cultures, which helps the body’s digestive system.

Another tip along these lines is Bufala di Vermont, made of sweet, creamy water buffalo’s milk (like the mozzarella). Their yogurt tastes like panna cotta. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Alas, this wonderful line is no more.]

Serve either of these brands to guests (or kids), and no one will know they’re eating yogurt!

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