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FREEBIE: Steamy Chefs Calendar & Recipes

Glad SimplyCooking Microwave Steaming Bags invited consumers to vote for “America’s Steamiest Chef” last year, and the result is Glad’s Steamy Chefs Calendar. There are two pinup photos of the five steamy chefs (if white chef coats count as pinup wear), plus two recipes from each of the steamy chefs.
Govind Armstrong makes a truly impressive Steamed Corn And Spring Onion Pudding With Buttered Shrimp (a two-bag production) and a Steamed Bulgar (his spelling) Salad With Asparagus And Shiitake Mushroom.
G. Garvin whips up a simple but delicious Steamed Cauliflower And Goat Cheese Cup and Steamed Chilean Sea Bass With Baby Bok Choy And Cherry Tomatoes.
  Steamy Chefs Calendar
Good looking chefs steam up the kitchen. Download the free calendar.
Dave Lieberman takes on Shrimp Curry and Mediterranean Style Artichoke.

Aarón Sanchez cooks up Steamed Bass Yucatan Style and Bananas Faustos With Cherimoya Salsa.
Sam Talbot makes Steamed Mussels Provençal and Chinese Steamed Halibut Filet With Broccoli Rabe.All of the recipes are in the calendar. Download it free and steam up a storm.
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  1. steamy kitchen said,

    January 7, 2008 @ 7:48 am

    damn. when i first heard of the calendar, i was thinking strategically placed whisks, spatulas and immersion blenders.

    damn damn damn.

  2. Nibble Editors said,

    January 19, 2008 @ 11:19 am

    We agree, Steamy Kitchen. We must refer you to My Last Supper: 50 Great Chefs And Their Final Meals, by Melanie Dunea (read our review at All of the photos of famous chefs—men and women—are memorable. But one of Anthony Bourdain, standing naked with a strategically placed raw leg of lamb, is priceless.

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