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PRODUCT WATCH: Vote For The New Kettle Chip Flavor

Kettle Chips

Hot chips! Get yours and have a party.

  It’s time to order your Kettle Chip Party Packs, pick a date and have a potato chip tasting party to vote for the next flavor of Kettle Chips. One of our favorite fall rituals is tasting the five candidates for the new Kettle Chip flavor. We cast our votes along with many thousands of other chip lovers, and the winner, which will be announced in January, will be available next summer. Each year there’s a flavor theme, and this time it’s Fire and Spice. All five candidates are hot, but complex—not just mouth burn in need of a beer (although these chips were made to go with beer!). In fact, there’s a lot of heat and sweet, like Mango Chili, sweet mango and cinnamon with a salty, spicy blend of cayenne and habañero chiles.
Also up for your vote are Death Valley Chipotle, a smoky, slow-burning blend of cayenne, chipotle, habañero, red chile and herbs; Jalapeño Salsa Fresca, a blend of jalapeño and cayenne mellowed with sundried tomato, green bell pepper and lime flavors; Orange Ginger Wasabi, Asian heat from a blend of ginger, wasabi and a twist of citrus; and Wicked Hot Sauce, a cayenne burn and a vinegary tang. For just $14.95 plus shipping, you get a 5-ounce bag of each of the five flavors, a fun tasting guide, food and drink ideas to cool your palate between fiery flavors, voting ballots, stickers and more (BYOB). Voting is now open. You don’t have to purchase the Party Pack to vote, but where’s the fun in that? Last year we loved all five flavors and voted for them all. This year, we have one clear favorite. We won’t bias other opinions, though, so we’ll tell you what it is when the winners are announced. The Fire and Spice Party Pack is a fun gift idea for the hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday list—we’ve been giving them out for three years. Visit for more information and to order your Party Pack; and read more about gourmet potato chips in the Gourmet Snacks Section of THE NIBBLE online magazine.
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