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PRODUCT WATCH: Rastafarian Chocolate

Vosges Rastafarian Collection
Zion Collection: You don’t have to be Rastafarianto enjoy this Jamaican-flavored truffle collection.
  Vosges Chocolates wants to bring out your inner Rasta through its Zion collection, a seasonal group of truffles inspired by the Rastafarian culture and the words of Bob Marley. The flavored ganaches let you experience the spices, fruits and flowers of Jamaica: allspice berry, calabaza, hemp seed nut, Jamaican sorrel, fresh ginger, mango, hibiscus flower, tamarind and Scotch bonnet peppers.
Rastafarianism is a religious and political movement centered in reclaiming African culture, identity and purpose. Rastafarians are mostly vegetarian and live off the land. They wear their hair in dreadlocks as a symbol of their dedication to God and seek spiritual enlightenment. Bob Marley was one of the first Rastas to bring the political struggle to mainstream music, spreading the message and increasing awareness. We don’t know if Bob himself has tried these chocolates, but you can choose nine pieces for $27.00, 16 pieces for $41.00. Available at Read our review of Vosges’ line of exotic chocolate bars and ice creams.
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