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GIFT: Gourmet Gluten Free Cookies & Truffles

Gluten-free glory. Photo courtesy Cake |


While it may not be easy being green, it’s even worse to be gluten-free. When everyone else is enjoying cake and cookies, you’ve got to show restraint.

Unless you’ve received a box of “defloured” cookies from Cake, an artisan bakery in Chicago.

A gift box of three delicious cookies will make your gluten-free friend or family member very happy:

  • Chubby Wubby cookies, a delicious sandwich cookie: two bittersweet chocolate cookies studded with bittersweet chocolate chips, filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache
  • Choosy Chocolate Chip Cookies, crisp and buttery and
  • Square None Brownies, studded with bittersweet chocolate chips beneath a crispy, crackly top

    Glutophobes will grinning from ear to ear.
    The deluxe gift box includes:

  • 9 piece against the grain chocolate truffle assortment
  • 6 Choosy Chocolate Chip cookies
  • 4 Chubby Wubby Chocolate Cookies
  • 4 Square None Brownies
  • 10-pieces Square None Loose Ends (chewy brownie edges)
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    The company also makes delicious cookies with conventional flour.

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