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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Indian Naan Flatbread

Naan with a yogurt dip. Photo courtesy
Stonefire Naan.


Bread is one of our passions. We’d give up meat before we’d give up bread.

Just about every society makes a delicious bread. India, a very large country, makes many. If you’ve been to an Indian restaurant, you’ve seen some of the regional specialties: chapati, dosa, naan, paratha and numerous others.

We were thrilled to discover Stonefire Naan at our local supermarket, a buttery flatbread in original, garlic and whole grain varieties.

Now, we can expand our bread choices. Even if you don’t care for the cuisines of India, naan fits in with most foods of the world—including burgers, PB sandwiches and wraps. You can also use it as a pizza-type base.

Check out the full review, including recipes with naan bread.

Want to bake your own naan? Here’s a video recipe.


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