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COOKING VIDEO: Make Jalapeño Cornbread With Marcus Samuelsson


Looking for a great jalapeño cornbread recipe?

Our upcoming Top Pick Of The Week, Deano’s Jalepeño Chips, got us to thinking about the other ways we enjoy jalapeño.

Among our favorites is jalapeño cornbread. The heat of the chile bits brings the already-wonderful sweet corn and butter flavors to a new height.

In some regions of America, cornbread is associated with southern food. But you don’t need a plate of barbecue or eggs and grits to enjoy its pleasures. Serve it anytime: for breakfast or lunch, with soups and salads, as a snack or in the dinner bread basket.

In this video, chef Marcus Samuelsson demonstrates how to make jalapeño corn bread. The world-famous chef, a Harlem resident, opened a Southern comfort food in Harlem last year, Red Rooster.

In addition to a great recipe, watching Chef Samuelsson wield a knife is a high point of the video.




Beyond jalapeño, how many other chiles have you had? Check out our Chile Glossary.

Is it chile, chili or chilli?

The original Nahuatl (Aztec) word is chilli. The conquering Spanish spelled it chile. And many people use chili, a seeming middle ground between the first two. The choice is yours.

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