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TIP OF THE DAY: Butter On Steak

Want to perk up the flavor of a steak?

Yesterday’s tip from THE NIBBLE’s chef was on steak seasoning. Today he says: brush a little butter on steak just before serving.

The next time you grill, pan roast or broil a steak, brush a really light coating of melted butter over it before bringing it to the table.

This gives steak added oomph: that little extra something that your guests won’t be able to detect, but will be sure to love.

Our guests love truffles, so we use this truffle butter from D’Artagnan—one of our favorite luxuries and a Top Pick Of The Week. You can also use garlic butter.

If you don’t have a pastry brush or basting brush, pick up a silicone brush. The bristle brushes look more picturesque, but they fray over time—and silicone is much easier to clean.


Brush plain butter on your steak; or for a
luxury treatment, use truffle butter. Photo
courtesy iGourmet.com.


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