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Elefante Green Gold Pineapple: A Better For You Food Gift

Feast your eyes on the exotic Elefante Green Gold™ pineapple, a delicious and better-for-you food gift. (Gifts include those you give to yourself.)

This dazzling emerald green-skinned pineapple is taller, thinner, and larger than an average pineapple. Plus:

  • Its soft, white flesh, very aromatic flesh has a honey-sweetness and almost no tart acidity.
  • It boasts an edible core.
  • It’s picked when perfectly ripe and ready to eat (the shell remains green).
    Each three-pound pineapple comes packaged in a beautifully decorated box with an incredible tactile feel, all while being 100% recyclable.

    It’s also adorned with a special second label that immerses the reader in Ghanaian culture and symbolism.

    The Elefante Green Gold is a variety native to West Africa. It’s grown in Ekumfi Abor in Ghana, a few hours west of Accra, Ghana’s capital.

    The name, pronounced ela-font-tay, translates to elephant. The pineapple is grown in an area of Ghana where elephants roam.

    Here’s more about Elefante Farm.

    The farm specializes in ethical pineapple cultivation and creating sustainable farming communities.

    > June 27th is International Pineapple Day.

    > The first Tuesday in October is National Fruit at Work Day.

    > The history of pineapple.

    This variety, the Sugar Loaf pineapple, is native to Ghana and considered extremely rare and exotic. Ghana’s climate is ideal for pineapple cultivation.

    The “Sugar Loaf” name truly reflects the taste (the sweetness has subtle flavor notes of honey).

    Elefante Green Gold is the proprietary, trademarked name of the pineapples grown on Elefante Farms.

    This is an easy way to send a delicious food gift that’s different, special, and affordable. They’re available year-round.

    > Just head to Melissa’s Produce.

    The Elephante pineapple will keep at peak for up to 2 weeks in the fridge.


    A Sugar Loaf pineapple, just cut from its stem.
    [1] The beautiful Elefante Green Gold pineapple (all photos © Elefante Farms).

    Am Elefante green sugar loaf pineapple from Ghana.
    [2] The pineapple arrives in a lovely gift box. The core is completely edible—no waste.

    Elefante Green Gold Pineapple growing on its stalk.
    [3] An Elefante Green Gold Pineapple growing on its stem.



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