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From Omnom: Mr. Carrots Chocolate Rabbit For Easter

This sophisticated Easter rabbit from Omnom, one of our favorite chocolatiers, is outstanding in two ways.

First, its sculpted, almost Cubist look is unique and elegant (photo #1).

Mr. Carrots looks like he could be the pet of Picasso’s Girl With A Mandolin (photo #3).

Second, the superb milk chocolate (41% cacao) has a touch of licorice and salt*, for an exquisite, unexpected, nuanced flavor (photo #2).

The chocolate is the company’s signature Lakkrís + Sea Salt bar.

The color and the flavor come from powdered Persian licorice root that has been blended into the base milk chocolate.

Yes, this is no typical artisan milk chocolate rabbit! He’s very special!

Omnom, a remarkable chocolatier based in Reykjavík, Iceland, has done it again.

But we’re not surprised. Everything Omnom makes is exquisite.

(Don’t worry—the inventory is in the U.S. Mr. Carrots doesn’t have to travel from Iceland to get to you before Easter.)

Omnom was a Nibble Top Pick Of The Week, and we’re hooked on this brand. Be sure to get yourself some chocolate bars, too.


He’s 10.6 ounces (300 g) of magnificent luxury chocolate.

Also check out all of the Omnom products.
*Salty licorice has been a popular candy in Scandinavia since the 1930s [source]. Oh, and in case you don’t think that Iceland is in Scandinavia: Geographically, there are three Scandinavian countries—Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. However, culturally, there are six Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, plus Iceland, Finland, and The Faroe Islands [source].
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Mr. Carrots Chocolate Rabbit From Omnom
[1] Mr. Carrots, a limited-edition treat for Easter (photos #1 and #2 © Omnom).

Omnom Milk Chocolate Bar
[2] Omnom’s milk chocolate bar, unwrapped on a bed of cacao beans.

Picasso Cubist Painting
[3] “Girl With A Violin,” Pablo Picasso (framed print from Overstock)font>.



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