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A Tip To Celebrate National Meat Week

National Meat Week is an industry promotion that begins on the last Sunday in January. Running for eight days, the event invites restaurants to show their skills with the best cuts of meat.

This year, Meat Week begins on January 29th and runs through February 5th.

Chefs are challenged to offer their best and latest creations, from barbecue and pulled pork ready to filet mignon and foie gras.

The holiday began in 2005, when Chris Cantey and Erni Walker of Tallahassee, Florida, created Meat Week to celebrate barbecued meats across the country.

But you can celebrate with meat that’s prepared in any way: barbecued/smoked, braised, grilled/broiled, pan-fried, pan-seared, pot roasted, roasted, stewed, and stir-fried—and in the case of crudo and tartare, raw.

And of course, you can put your own skills to work at home.

This year, we’re having a nightly dinner with friends, going to a different home each night. It’s a great excuse to get together.

Here’s a tip from Sterling Silver Premium Meats:

Never cut into a piece of meat to see if it is done. This only allows the juices to run out!

  • Instead, use a meat thermometer and cook the meat to 140°F for medium doneness.
  • Insert the thermometer horizontally, from the side of the steak into the center.
    > The different cuts of beef.

    > The different cuts of chicken.

    > The different cuts of lamb.

    > The different cuts of pork.

    > The different types of ham.

    > The different types of ribs.


    Grilled Strip Steak For National Meat Week
    [1] Grilled steak (photo © Sterling Silver Premium Meats).

    Tamarind Pork Ribs For National Meat Week
    [2] Tamarind-glazed pork ribs (photo © Mackenzie Ltd.).





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