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Turn Ice Cream Bars And Pops Into Elegant Desserts

Ice Cream Bar Or Pop Dessert
[1] This attractive dessert is made from cut-up fudge pops (photo © Hannah Kaminsky | Bittersweet Blog).

Gourmet Ice Pops
[2] Gourmet ice pops (paletas) from La Newyorkina (photo © Goldbelly).


It’s National Ice Cream Month, and our colleague Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweet Blog thought up this creative and oh-so-easy approach to ice cream desserts.

She cuts up ice cream bars and pops into squares, then places them in a rocks glass with fruit or edible flowers.

You can also rim the glass with something spicy like Tajín seasoning or chipotle, or a sweet rim such as decorating sugar or colored sanding sugar.

Try it!

We cut up both fudge ice pops, “gourmet” ice pops from La Newyorkina , and even some ice cream sandwiches.

Because ice cream sandwiches self-identify as casual fare, we dipped the sides of ice cream into a variety of chopped nuts and sprinkles.

Whatever you choose, you can garnish them with:

  • Raspberries or other fruit (we finely diced some mango)
  • Coconut, crushed toffee, or cookie crumbs
  • Edible flowers (not so tasty, but they look pretty)
    Or, add some sauce—caramel, chocolate, fruit—to the bottom of the glass before adding the frozen squares.

    After we cut the squares, we put them in a single layer atop wax paper on a cookie sheet, and tucked them into the freezer until we were ready to assemble and serve.

    These desserts are fun to make and fun to eat. Enjoy!
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